Developer Docs

Build custom integration with our powerful API, or learn how to integrate Beagle Security with other CI/CD pipeline tools, project management software and communication apps.

You can also learn how to embed the Beagle Security badge to your website or read about how you can set up the WordPress plugin from the corresponding detailed documentation.

Beagle Security API
The Beagle Security API provides programmatic access to your account's data so that you can build functional integrations quickly and easily.
DevSecOps Integrations
Integrate Beagle Security with your CI/CD pipeline to find security issues earlier in your development lifecycle and improve your DevOps process.
Result Integrations
Integrate Beagle Security with the project management tools or communication apps you use to get test results directly on them.
Certficate Integration
Display the Beagle Security badge and certificate on your website to build trust and credibility with your users about your website's security.
WordPress Plugin
Keep track of the security of your WordPress website with Beagle Security’s native WordPress plugin.