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Technology agnostic solution

Beagle Security is technology and framework agnostic, giving you the complete flexibility to security test any web apps no matter how it is built. Legacy or the latest tech stack – the choice is yours.

Continuous security testing

Staying secure from the latest vulnerabilities can be a challenge when you rely on manual penetration testing. With Beagle Security, you can conduct periodic security tests with ease, either by scheduling them or running them in your CI/CD pipeline.

Find vulnerabilities behind login

Most of the critical functionalities in an application exist behind the login page. Running authenticated security tests allows you to make sure that most of the attack surface that exists on the authenticated pages are not left unattended.

Hunt down zero-days

Staying protected from zero days vulnerabilities used to be hard, but not anymore. You are backed by a dedicated team of security researchers that is always on the hunt for the latest zero-days and adding them to our vulnerability index.

Intelligence for your AppSec
Less false positives, support for multiple login authentication types, autonomously deciding attack scenarios - sounds too good to be true. That is what Beagle Security’s AI-powered core brings to the table.
Work with your tools
Beagle Security integrates with your bug tracking tools, communication apps and CI/CD pipeline tools, helping you to save time and focus on your priorities. Complete a one-time setup and experience a seamless application security workflow.
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