Secure your heterogenous web apps & public APIs

Uncover your security weaknesses 24x7 and get actionable guidance to fix them - with Beagle Security's AI-driven comprehensive penetration tests and contextual reports.
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One solution for your R&D, cloud, security & compliance teams’ application security needs

Leverage modern DAST methodology penetration testing that uses AI to emulate real hacker actions to understand the depth of potential compromises in your web applications & APIs.
API & GraphQL security testing
Take control of your application security with comprehensive automated penetration tests for your REST APIs and GraphQL endpoints to uncover and address API specific threats before they make it to production.
Shift-left security
Integrate automated security testing in your CI/CD pipeline to proactively detect and eliminate vulnerabilities earlier in your pre-production environments, ensuring a robust and secure application delivery.
Meet your penetration testing requirements for compliance with GDPR, HIPAA and PCI DSS standards with specifically mapped compliance reports that confirm your application security readiness.
Vendor onboarding
Show your commitment to security during vendor onboarding by providing the latest penetration test reports of your SaaS platform, fostering customer trust and strengthening relationships.
Enterprise-grade security, reliability and scale
Best in class reporting, workflows, integrations & advanced features for leading enterprises.
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Beagle Security is an easy to use and cost effective way to proactively manage security risk for web applications. The team are super helpful. Highly recommend.
Roshelle Weir
Roshelle Weir
CEO, Switch4schools

While you focus on your business, let Beagle Security work 24x7 to secure your applications

From empowering you to build a secure application to getting you compliance ready - Beagle Security has got you covered.
  • Configuration
    From initial setup to running your penetration test - all within a matter of few minutes.
    Quick domain verification through DNS, file or HTML tag
    Gain visibility into your assets and define the scope of each penetration test
    Supports multiple authentication types for web apps & APIs
    Assets tab in the Beagle Security dashboard.
  • Depth & granularity
    Get the complete picture of your web application & API security without compromising on agility and accuracy.
    Teach the testing engine your web application’s business logic with scenario recording
    Meticulous examination for 3000+ vulnerabilities including the latest zero-day exploits
    Comprehensive testing that provides coverage beyond the OWASP Top 10 & CWE Top 25
    Scenario recording tab within user input in the Beagle Security dashboard.
  • Intelligence & visibility
    See the power of AI in action that helps uncover all your risks with unparalleled visibility.
    Intelligent core for dynamic test case selection, human-like penetration testing & active false positive filtering
    Find complex attack vectors & second-order threats that vulnerability scanners fail to detect
    Secure multiple environments across all your assets without the headache of overhead costs
    Test in progress representation within the Beagle Security dashboard.
  • Contextual & actionable reports
    Experience generative AI that gives your developers detailed, actionable and step-by-step breakdown for vulnerability remediation.
    Save your dev teams’ precious hours with tailored recommendations based on your application’s tech stack
    Detailed proof of exploits with status of each vulnerability occurrence traced across the application’s lifetime
    GDPR, HIPAA & PCI DSS penetration test reports that make your compliance easy & straightforward
    Recommendations based on test results within Beagle Security test report.
  • Automation
    Get ahead of resource scarcity and the pressure of secure release timelines with effective automation.
    Run automated security checks in your pipelines or schedule one-time & recurring tests
    Receive your contextual results on Jira or Azure Boards and get your developers up-to-speed with timely fixes
    Define role-based authorizations and detailed role mapping for API security testing automation
    Scheduler tab for test scheduling functionality in the Beagle Security dashboard.
Great DAST tool for a SMB. Easy to use interface with a clear description of the problem and where it should be remediated.
Rick Elder
Rick Elder
Director of Cybersecurity at MAXEX
The traditional way
Before Beagle Security
Security blind spots
Inability to find and address advanced attack vectors due to lack of intelligence in the vulnerability scanning process.
The Beagle Security way
After Beagle Security
AI-driven fully automated penetration testing for web apps & APIs
Ability to find second-order vulnerabilities.
Comes with contextual reports and workflow automation.

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