Automated Web Application Penetration Testing Tool

NexGen Intelligent Security Solution

Security testing tool for your websites and APIs

Find the security loopholes in your web application before hackers do

Penetration testing of web applications with SANS and OWASP standards

Manager and developer-friendly bug reports in PDF and other formats

Solutions on how to fix vulnerabilities with instant help from our team

Continuous security testing to ensure better protection

How to use?
Security testing made effortless for everyone.
Enter your URL
Add your web application URL to get started
Confirm domain ownership
Domain verification process to make sure only authorised users can initiate the security test of a specific domain
Select a plan
Subscribe to a plan as per your cyber security requirement
Manage test cycle
Beagle Security follows a continuous security testing process. Keep track of the tests from your account dashboard
Integrate using DevSecOps APIs
Integrate security in the CI/CD pipeline and automate vulnerability checks
View the reports through dashboard
Detailed reports about the security levels of your web application
Our Features
Beagle offers continuous and intelligent security that ensures complete safety of your applications. Beagle Security's features make it the right fit for small-to-medium businesses and enterprises.
In-built Intelligence for DIY
Security Testing
With a deep R&D experience in the cybersecurity domain, our web application penetration testing tool has been designed to understand the workflow of an application. The penetration test strategy and test data are prepared with certain coherent features like identify boundary conditions, decide attack vectors for the input fields, false-positive detection, custom created test cases and reports. It releases the hassles of security testing and audit. This gives free hand to developers, QA and stakeholders to understand the security status of the application, without delving deeper into the code segment.
Security Testing
In the past couple of years, the application development and deployment landscape have experienced significant changes. These factors along with other more gradual changes that are occurring daily have empowered organizations, as well as developers, to push applications faster than ever before. Beagle has been championing the effort of continuous security testing, which allows businesses to integrate security testing early in the application cycle, fix a greater number of vulnerabilities, identify the security problems as they occur during the development cycle and enact fixes when it is most cost-effective.
Integrate Beagle with popular applications such as Slack, Jira, Trello and Telegram for easy tracking and analysis of the latest vulnerability issues in your web application. Vulnerability assessment and remediation is accelerated with real-time updates about your web application security levels.
Global Standards and
Our web application penetration testing tool provides inherent support for multiple information security global standards. These standards provide rigorous and comprehensive specifications for protecting and preserving the application and business information under the principles of CIA triad- confidentiality, integrity and availability.
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