Pattern 1

Safeguard the web applications and APIs in your private network

Find vulnerabilities and security weaknesses in the apps on your internal network and fix them with actionable data.
Why you need to ensure security for your internal apps
Insider threats
Employees having privileged access to critical internal applications can pose a serious threat to its security.
Poor security
Internal applications, test and staging environments of apps that are yet to go live have little to no security in place to fend off any cyber attack.
Compliance requirements
To be compliant with security standards, vulnerability assessment of your internal assets is as important as the that of your customer-facing applications.
How does Beagle Security Cosmog work?
Cosmog configuration
Create a profile
Creating a Cosmog profile allows you to allocate an IP address for the Cosmog client and mention the IP range of the applications in your internal network.
Install the Cosmog client in your internal network
Once the profile is created, the Cosmog client needs to be installed in a host machine that resides in your private network.
Add your internal application IPs
Now you can create an application on Beagle Security and continue to add the IPs of the applications.
Start your test
Initiate the penetration test for the application from the platform.
Establish a working connection
Start the Cosmog client on the host machine so that a working connection can be established between the Cosmog client and the server.
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