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Check the expiry of a domain name using Beagle Security’s free domain expiry checker tool

General information
What is a domain name?

A domain name (domain) is simply an easy-to-remember website address (in English) in place of a sequence of numbers separated by dots, aka IP address (e.g., For example, it is much easier to type (and remember) than in the address bar. Also, a better domain name reflects the quality of the service being provided since it is the first impression the user gains from their first sight.

Why do I need to know the expiry date of my domain?

Every single website is the result of hours of toil you have performed. Being unaware of the exact expiration date of your domain name could result in catastrophic loss of the hard work you have put into building the brand. Hence keeping track of the expiration and renewing it periodically remains to be vital since ownership may slip into others’ hands post the expiration. (Tip: Ensure auto-renew feature is enabled to prevent such things from happening!)

Even you can purchase the “dead site” which had a better reputation by placing bid when the service providers put it to auction, by keeping track of the expiration date of the domains.

Is it possible to renew my domains automatically?

Yes. To renew a domain name, all you must do is to select the auto-renew checkbox in the billing/registration section (in the majority) of the respective domain hosting service website.

And it is always recommended to enable auto-renewal features to prevent you from potentially losing your domain registration.

What happens to a domain name when it expires?

Upon reaching the expiration date, the domain will pass through a variety of stages. As the primary step, the hosting company will contact the owner, asking them to renew the domain. And there will be a grace period up to which the domain owner can repurchase the domain with a “redemption fee.” After that, the domain will be set for auction since the owner had not tried to pay the cost. And, if no one places a bid, it will get added back to the registry and then it can be purchased on the open market like a new purchase.

Is it possible to restore a domain that has expired?

Domain hosting service has set a grace period of 30-60 days, during which you can restore an expired domain, and reclaim ownership. While restoring, you must pay a one-time restoration fee (and registration fee if required).

The length of the grace periods, restoration fees, and registration fees varies by domain ending. To ensure this, visit your respective domain hosting service provider website.

How does this domain expiry checker tool work?

It is so simple that all you must do is just paste the website’s URL (indeed owned by you) in the Domain Expiry Checker. And click on the button.

How do I keep my domains safe?

The best-proven way to keep every asset secure is by conducting periodic tests as much as possible. You have no excuse but to conduct recurring tests since Beagle Security helps you to conduct tests as much as possible with the enablement of tailored test count and much more super-powered features. To turn the words to reality, give a free try by checking into

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