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Beagle Security goes beyond basic vulnerability scanning. With Beagle Security’s AI-driven comprehensive penetration tests, you get the ultimate alternative to Invicti.
More than 1700 companies are experiencing the benefits of AI penetration testing
Beagle Security vs Invicti
G2 users crown Beagle Security better
Comparison data from G2 as of June 2024
Comparison data from G2 as of June 2024
Why choose Beagle Security as your Invicti alternative?
Customer support
Beagle Security offers dedicated support from actual humans, ensuring you get fast and knowledgeable assistance tailored to your specific needs. Compared to potentially longer wait times with Invicti's support.
Contextual reporting
Beagle Security goes beyond just listing vulnerabilities. Receive reports that are contextual to your specific tech stack, allowing your developers to focus your remediation efforts effectively.
Faster implementation setup
Our faster implementation process allows you to get up and running in the shortest possible time. Streamlined integration with your existing workflow helps save you valuable time.
Know your costs upfront
Unlike Invicti, Beagle Security offers clear and straightforward pricing plans. You'll see exactly what features are included at each tier, with no hidden fees or complex calculations.
Essential For growing teams establishing web security testing $99 Billed $1188 annually
Advanced For organizations wanting advanced web + API security & reporting $299 Billed $3588 annually
All you’re looking for in an
Invicti alternative
REST API & GraphQL testing
Unleash the full potential of your REST and GraphQL APIs by conducting comprehensive security testing specifically designed for REST and GraphQL APIs.
Define tech stack
Get dynamic test case selection and contextual reports by defining your own tech stack for variables such as programming language, database, framework, etc.
Tailored LLM based recommendations
Receive customized suggestions and guidance tailored specifically based on your tech sack with the help of Beagle Security’s advanced LLM.
Business logic recording
Provide recordings of complex login flows and specific PoI to be tested thus saving time and effort and ensuring accurate and consistent testing of critical functionalities within an application.
Extensive vulnerability index
Identify and compare vulnerabilities against an index of over 3000+ vulnerabilities to ensure a comprehensive coverage.
Compliance reports
Stay ahead of regulatory obligations like GDPR, HIPAA & PCI DSS. Build trust with customers and partners, and mitigate the risk of penalties or reputational damage with our thorough compliance mapped penetration reports.
Focus on value and get started with the ultimate alternative to Invicti