Vulnerability assessment tool for Fintech security

Maintain customer loyalty, stay compliant and focus on growing your fintech business without the worry of data breaches.
Fintech security threats by the numbers
The speed of fintech innovation is undeniable. But with the focus on technology, security starts to suffer.
top 100 fintech startups are vulnerable to cyber-attacks
average annual cost of cybercrime in the financial industry
increase in fintech security breaches over the past 5 years
How Beagle Security can help you with Fintech security
With Beagle Security, all your security compliance requirements are met and your sensitive customer data is safe from emerging threats.
Actionable insight
Actionable insights about security risks
Beagle Security’s evidence-based vulnerability reporting gives you insights about the occurrence of each vulnerability in the application. You’ll also receive recommendations to address security issues correctly.
Security compliance
Ensure security 
Data privacy violations and non-compliance with GDPR, CCPA and industry-specific data privacy controls like PCI DSS come with hefty fines. With regular vulnerability assessments, you don’t have to worry about security compliance.
DevOps pipeline
Integrate security into the DevOps pipeline
Enable your team to address flaws right during the early stages of development. Reduce the cost and complexity associated with managing Fintech security by embracing a DevSecOps culture.
Improve your Fintech app’s security with Beagle Security
The vulnerability assessment tool for all your Fintech application security needs
Intelligent Automation
Intelligent Automation
AI-powered core for test case selection, login detection and improved accuracy of test results.
Authenticated Testing
Authenticated Testing
Set up user authentication for in-depth penetration testing and get complete visibility into your healthcare web application’s security posture.
Test Scheduler
Test Scheduler
Schedule weekly or monthly security tests to ensure your Healthcare application’s continuous security.
Result Integrations
Result Integrations
Receive test results directly on your preferred application once a vulnerability test is completed so that developers can quickly resolve security issues.
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