Automated penetration testing tool for security engineers
Automate regular web application vulnerability assessments and focus more on the business logic vulnerabilities that require your close attention.
Vulnerability assessment made easier with intelligent automation
Automate the obvious
Web application vulnerabilities are inevitable. But why spend hours finding vulnerabilities that can be easily discovered with automation? With Beagle Security, you can make sure that your web application is safe from SQL injections, XSS and a growing list of vulnerabilities.
Coverage beyond industry standards
Most vulnerability scanners cover just the OWASP or CWE standards. This means that your web application could still be vulnerable to zero-day exploits. With a constantly updated vulnerability database, your web application is always secure from the latest threats.
Actionable data about security risks
Get in-depth penetration test reports that give you insights into the severity, occurrence, proof of how each vulnerability was exploited and recommendations to fix them.
Lowest false positives
Vulnerability scanners often return false positives. This results in time-consuming manual checks for security engineers. Using a supervised learning system, test results in Beagle Security undergo multiple levels of verification to ensure that you have the most accurate data.
User authenticated penetration testing
Set up user authentication details for your web applications with login modules to maximize test coverage and get complete visibility into your web application’s security posture.
Address security in the DevOps pipeline
Beagle Security integrates with all major CI/CD pipeline tools so that you can find and fix vulnerabilities in your DevOps workflow. Shifting from DevOps to DevSecOps couldn’t get any easier.
Everything you need to track security on autopilot
Advanced crawler and fingerprinting
Schedule tests
Run concurrent tests
Team collaboration
Export results in multiple formats
Build automated workflows
API integration
Security badge & certificate

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