One vulnerability is all an attacker needs to hack your website

Beagle Security helps you to find security weaknesses and vulnerabilities on your website and address them correctly to keep hackers away.

Focus on growing your business. Your website’s security is safe with us.

Why keeping track of your website’s security matters
Many new vulnerabilities get released regularly. You are leaving your business at serious risk if you don’t find them at the right time and fix the issues. With Beagle Security’s intelligent automation, you can schedule your website’s penetrating testing on a weekly basis to find any new security weaknesses and fix them immediately.
Developers may make mistakes while coding
A development team’s primary focus is to write functional code. 83% of vulnerabilities occur due to mistakes that creep into the code without developers even realising it. Integrating Beagle Security with the development pipeline will allow developers to identify vulnerabilities and make changes before an important update goes live.
What You Can Achieve With Beagle Security
Beagle Security allows your team to focus on what really matters - building a great product for your customers and delighting them without compromising security.
Beagle dashboard
Identify vulnerabilities
Get to know all the security loopholes in your website from a hacker’s perspective.
Website security score
Understand the severity of each existing vulnerability and the overall security score of your website.
Fix security 
Follow the steps in the penetration test reports to address security issues correctly.
Get help from our security team
Need help solving a specific security issue? Our security team has got you covered.
No coding required.
Just a simple 2 minute set up.
Works with all types of websites & frameworks
Made for developers
test cases
Schedule tests & automate workflows
Security badge & certificate
Integrates with your development pipeline and communication apps
Beagle Security works with all major CI/CD pipeline tools and communication applications to make your work easier. You can also build your own integration with our API.
Beagle integration
Set up your first security test in minutes and keep track of your website’s security easily