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Never worry about the security of your GraphQL APIs again

From authentication and authorization vulnerabilities to complex second-level injections, you name it. Beagle Security gives you complete visibility into your GraphQL security risks and recommendations on how to get it fixed.

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Build secure GraphQL APIs with Beagle Security

Intensive GraphQL security testing
With a custom build test engine developed for GraphQL and active penetration testing, you get better coverage and list of all potential vulnerabilities in your GraphQL APIs.
Integrate with your CI/CD
Find vulnerabilities in your GraphQL APIs before new releases with automated GraphQL security testing within your CI/CD.
Compliance reports
Straightforward security compliance to help you generate GDPR, HIPAA & PCI DSS reports for your GraphQL APIs
Address GraphQL vulnerabilities effectively
With Beagle Security, you have detailed recommendations on how to fix vulnerabilities and support from a team of cyber security experts to help you address security issues in the best possible way.

How GraphQL security testing works on Beagle Security

API import
GraphQL API import
Enter your API URL and import your GraphQL APIs as a Postman collection, Swagger schema or a custom API.
GraphQL API configuration
Setup a wide range of configuration options including global authorization, global headers, global variables, API authorization and API role map.
Test report
Get your penetration test report
Start your penetration test and sit back while Beagle Security does the heavy lifting for you. Once the test is completed, you get a comprehensive report containing all vulnerabilities, proof of exploit and fix documentation.