Probely vs Beagle Security

An affordable Probely alternative that allows you to secure any number of websites without paying extra.
Why Beagle Security is a better Probely alternative
Secure additional websites without paying extra
Probely charges for the number of targets you add. Considering the fact that a scan target can be a domain, subdomain or IP address, you’ll be paying double or even more when you have to check the security of your web application’s multiple environments and subdomains.

With Beagle Security, the entire pricing structure is based on the number of tests, not the number of “targets”. Have multiple environments or subdomains you need to secure? No problem. You’re saving a lot of money in a month when you choose Beagle Security.

Save more by going with Beagle Security
No. of domains (considering 1 test/domain)
2 domains
5 domains
Native integrations with all major CI/CD pipeline tools
Beagle Security has native integrations with Bitbucket, Jenkins, Circle CI, AWS CodePipeline and many more major CI/CD pipeline tools you might use for development and deployment. We’ve got you covered, no matter which tool you use.
A team that’s here for you no matter what you need
The Beagle Security team is always available to assist you with live chat support and guidance to address security issues correctly, 7 days a week. We’re committed to providing you with the best experience you possibly can using Beagle Security.
Probely vs Beagle Security comparison
See why Beagle Security is a better Probely alternative
Beagle Security
From $49/month
From $58/month
No. of websites
Pricing is per site
Free plan
Support on weekends
OWASP Top 10
CWE Top 25
AWS CodePipeline integration
Circle CI integration
Jenkins integration
Bitbucket integration
Travis integration
Jira integration
Slack integration
Trello integration
Security badge
Choose the Probely alternative that allows you to save more while securing your websites