Vulnerability assessment tool for e-commerce website security

Grow your online e-commerce store and stay secured from emerging threats with the no-code vulnerability assessment tool that scales with your business.
Why do you need to ensure e-commerce website security?
If your e-commerce website contains vulnerabilities, it’s just a matter of time until hackers attack and steal your customer’s credit card information and other valuable data.
Returning Customers
64% of consumers say they are unlikely to buy again from a company from which their personal data has been stolen. Taking your e-commerce website’s security seriously goes a long way in gaining your customer’s trust.
Build a Trustworthy Brand
People buy from brands for a good reason. Build your e-commerce business on a strong website security foundation. So as your business scales, securing your increasing customer base doesn’t seem overwhelming.
Ensure Security Compliance
Data privacy violations and non-compliance with GDPR, CCPA and industry-specific data privacy controls like PCI DSS come with hefty fines. With regular vulnerability assessments, you don’t have to sweat over security compliance.
How Beagle Security can help you with e-commerce website security
With Beagle Security, your e-commerce website’s security is no more a burden. You can serve happy customers and build a lovable brand while we help you stay safe from hackers.
Zero technical knowledge required
You need absolutely no technical knowledge or coding skills to security test your e-commerce website using Beagle Security. The low barrier to entry allows anyone to test their website’s security easily.
Complete visibility about application security risks
Get a thorough understanding of your e-commerce website’s security issues with Beagle Security’s evidence-based vulnerability reporting. Receive insights about the occurrence of each vulnerability in the website.
Guidance to fix security issues
Finding e-commerce website security threats is half the battle. Follow our recommendations to address security issues correctly and get help from our security team if you feel stuck at any point.
Ensure all-round security no matter what tech stack you’re using
The all-in-one vulnerability assessment tool for your e-commerce website security needs
Intelligent Automation
AI-powered core for test case selection, login detection and improved accuracy of test results.
Test Scheduler
Schedule weekly or monthly security tests to ensure your website’s continuous security.
Result Integrations
Receive test results directly on your preferred application once a vulnerability test is completed so that developers can quickly resolve security issues.
Security Badge
Add a Beagle Security badge to your website to reassure your customers that your business is secure from the latest cyber risks.
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