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Gain the visibility you need to manage security risks across your enterprise applications & APIs

Simplify complex security management, ensure compliance, and seamlessly integrate robust security into your CI/CD pipeline with Beagle Security’s penetration testing & contextual reporting.
Secure the entire applications in your enterprise
Complete asset awareness & tailored security testing cadence
Experience comprehensive coverage with auto asset discovery that detects all associated subdomains and flexible scheduling for systematic testing of your enterprise assets.
Assets & Scheduler
Comprehensive coverage across web apps, APIs & GraphQL
Enhance your resilience against threats with AI-enhanced crawling and vulnerability identification that gives you deep, intelligent insights and secures your enterprise apps.
Unparalleled visibility into your security risks
Detailed dashboards that provide a clear view of your application’s security over time, pinpointing identified vulnerabilities with actionable insights for precise remediation.
Practical shift-left security for your SDLC
Empower developers to embed security testing early on, making it a core part of the development lifecycle, right from their local environments.
Streamline team management at scale
Single Sign On (SSO) for easy access
SSO integration with a range of identify providers like Okta, Azure or ADFS for a frictionless setup and secure one-click log in experience for enterprises of any size.
SSO Settings
Advanced role-based access controls
Adapt effortlessly to your enterprise structure and grant precise access levels across departments, functions or business units enabling efficient and secure control to assets.
User management
AI that gives your enterprise an upper edge
Advanced authentication
Advanced AI module that can navigate complex login authentication flows effortlessly during an authenticated penetration test.
Advanced authentication
Human like automation
AI that mimics expert penetration testers, delivering a human-like penetration testing experience for a thorough and intelligent security analysis.
Human like automation
LLM based contextual reports
Gain actionable insights from our LLM based reports, contextualizing remediation steps based on your tech stack for faster patching.
LLM Report
False positive reduction
Minimize distractions with a specific AI module trained to sharply reduce false positives, ensuring your team focuses on the genuine threats.
False positive
DevSecOps & compliance in harmony
Bake security testing into your CI/CD
Keep your development process agile without compromising on security, enabling automated penetration tests with every build and release.
CI/CD Pipeline
Enhance your workflow with dev tool integrations
Automatically create tickets for detected vulnerabilities on tools like Jira or Azure Boards and directly assign them to developers for efficient tracking remediation.
Compliance reporting simplified
Detailed penetration test reports against PCI DSS, HIPAA and GDPR standards that show precisely where attention is required to meet regulatory requirements.
Compliance report
Insightful reporting & dashboards
Account & application-level insights
Dive into the details with dual-level dashboards that detail your overall security posture, risk score and criticality of discovered vulnerabilities at a glance.
Human like automation
Developer-centric reports
Empower your developers with technical reports that give contextual insights on fixing vulnerabilities, their locations, exploitation methods, and detailed history of each issue’s status.
LLM Report
Monitor appsec performance over time
Track the effectiveness of your application security initiatives with dashboards designed for stakeholders. Visualize your security posture and monitor how it strengthens over time.
False positive
Enterprise companies choose Beagle Security
Security & reliability that you can trust
Beagle Security is ISO27001 certified and upholds the highest security standards for your data privacy and protection.
All round support & dedicated CSM
Get priority technical support and access to a dedicated customer success manager for all your account related enquiries.
Dedicated SCM
Ease of use & guided setup
Quick configuration and setup to get you up and running in minutes. Plus, there’s guided onboarding and training when you need help.
Guided setup
Scalability & optimal performance
A platform engineered to adapt to your growing demands effortlessly, maintining speed and reliability as your enterprise evolves.
Optional performance
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