A cutout of the word 'Thenmala' at the entrance to the Thenmala ecotourism office

Weekend Getaway To Thenmala

Weekend trip
Team Bonding
Group Outing
To the hills we went, for Leisure and Adventure!
Thenmala, which translates to ‘southern hills’, is the first planned ecotourism destination in India. Boating on a lake, a rope bridge, trekking, mountaineering and a whole lot of adventure activities make Thenmala the perfect weekend getaway.

Thenmala Trip

A group pic of the Beagle Security team at Thenmala

We started the 2-hour journey a short while after the sun started shining. The winding roads and beautiful scenery along the way made the travel quite enjoyable. As soon as we reached, we hopped aboard the ‘kuttavanchi’ (coracle boat) to take a spin around the Thenmala dam reservoir.

The team enjoying a the ride on the coracle boat at Thenmala ecotourism
A selfie during the ride on the coracle boat
The team enjoying a the ride on the coracle boat at Thenmala ecotourism

This was followed by a bus ride through forested areas deeper into the Shendurney reservoir. The ride led us to a beautiful landscape with the highlight being spotting a herd of elephants on the opposite side of the reservoir.

The entrance to the Shendurney Ecotourism centre
The team of Beagle Security enjoying the serene landscape at Thenmala

Lunch was from a nearby restaurant. Sitting under a shade and replenishing ourselves with a whole lot of water gave a huge relief from the blazing sun.

Next we moved on to the adventure park filled with rides and adventures for all levels of adventure seekers. The adventure junkies in the group went on a rampage, walking and hanging upside down on tight ropes while the leisure lovers went for a spin on the paddle boats on the pond within the park. The weekend ended with a splash, quite literally, as we went for a bath in the river nearby for a sunset dip.

It’s safe to say, we had the perfect weekend trip!

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