The winning team along with the chief guests of the event and the Beagle Security team on stage at the prize giving ceremony.

DomeCTF 2023 at c0c0n XVI

Team event
c0c0n XVI, the prestigious annual cybersecurity event, once again brought together the finest minds in the field of cybersecurity. And DomeCTF, once again, was an integral part of the conference. This year's event took place at the luxurious Grand Hyatt in Kochi and set new records in terms of participation, enthusiasm, and Star Wars-themed challenges.
A snap from when Rtd. IPS officer Lokanath Behera visted DomeCTF 2023
A pic of the venue fully prepared to host DomeCTF 2023.

Record-breaking participation:

DomeCTF 2023 witnessed a historic turnout, with over 100 teams registering, each bringing their unique blend of skills and expertise to the competition. This influx of talent, dedication, and enthusiasm showcased the event’s growing popularity within the cybersecurity community. A testament to the event’s ability to draw the best and brightest.

 The venue fully packed with contestants for DomeCTF 2023.
A pic from DomeCTF 2023 where the contestants are engrossed in the challenges

Team Tal0n emerges victorious:

After a grueling 24-hour battle of wits and technical expertise, Team Tal0n emerged as the winners. Their victory was a testament to their tenacity and problem-solving abilities, as they navigated through a series of challenging scenarios.

The winning team along with the chief guests of the event and the Beagle Security team on stage at the prize giving ceremony.

Star wars-themed challenges:

Building on the success of the previous year, DomeCTF 2023 embraced the Star Wars theme with open arms. The challenges transported participants into the Star Wars universe, blending the thrill of the movies with the intrigue of cybersecurity. From deciphering R2-D2’s encrypted messages to defending against simulated Imperial cyberattacks, the challenges made participants feel like they were living in a galaxy far, far away.

The star wars themed backdrop setup at DomeCTF 2023.
Pictures being taken in front of the star wars themed backdrop setup at DomeCTF 2023.

Interactive quizzes:

While the main competition was undeniably intense, we ensured there were moments of respite and fun. Interactive quizzes, sprinkled throughout the event, provided participants with a chance to relax, test their knowledge on cybersecurity trivia, and indulge in some friendly competition. It was a welcome change of pace that added an element of excitement.

The Beagle Security team in the backdrops hard at work making sure the event goes smoothly.

Months of preparation:

Hosting an event of DomeCTF’s magnitude required meticulous planning and dedication. Over the course of four months, the team meticulously laid the groundwork for the event. From crafting challenges that would both perplex and delight participants, no detail was too small. This investment in preparation was evident in the event’s smooth execution.

DomeCTF 2023 marked an amazing experience. Seeing the event come to life and witnessing the intense competition among participants was not only a source of pride but also a testament to our dedication to the cybersecurity community.

With its record-breaking participation, Star Wars-themed challenges, engaging quizzes, and months of dedicated preparation, it was a memorable experience for both participants and hosts. This event continues to be a shining example of how cybersecurity enthusiasts come together to learn, compete, and celebrate their shared passion.

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