The banner created by the team for DomeCTF 2021.

DomeCTF 2021

Team event
c0c0n XIV faced unprecedented challenges due to the safety hazards and travel restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, the team made the bold decision to host the event virtually, opening up new possibilities and opportunities. The highlight of the virtual conference was the highly anticipated DomeCTF, a thrilling cybersecurity competition that pushed teams to their limits

The Virtual Conference

With the transition to a virtual format, we realized that we had the chance to reach a much larger audience. This sparked a renewed sense of excitement and responsibility as they set out to exceed the heightened expectations. Four weeks before the event, registration opened, and to their joy, over 350 teams from around the world signed up to participate.
To foster a sense of community and facilitate effective communication among the DomeCTF participants, a Discord server was set up. This platform served as a hub where teams could come together, exchange ideas, and receive important updates from the organizers. The server quickly became a vibrant and bustling space, buzzing with anticipation and friendly competition.
Memorabilia created by the team for DomeCTF 2021 including t-shirts, stickers, tags and more

The Intense Battleground

A snippet of the scoreboard from DomeCTF 2021
The DomeCTF itself was a battleground where participating teams went head-to-head, engaging in fierce competition to solve a variety of challenges that tested their cybersecurity skills to the core. From cryptography puzzles to network exploitation scenarios, the challenges were meticulously crafted to challenge even the most seasoned cybersecurity professionals. The teams had to demonstrate their expertise in areas such as reverse engineering, web security, forensics, and more.
For us, creating these challenges was a labor of love. As a group of cybersecurity enthusiasts, we understood the thrill of cracking complex puzzles and the sense of achievement that came with it. The DomeCTF provided a platform for them to showcase their creativity and technical prowess while inspiring others in the cybersecurity community.
Conducting another successful DomeCTF in the midst of a global pandemic was a great milestone for the organizers. It demonstrated their resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity, as well as their commitment to providing an engaging and rewarding experience for participants. Moreover, the virtual format allowed the event to transcend geographical boundaries, bringing together cybersecurity enthusiasts from different corners of the world.


As the virtual c0c0n XIV came to a close, the sense of accomplishment was palpable. The DomeCTF had not only lived up to the heightened expectations but had also surpassed them, providing participants with an unforgettable experience. The event served as a reminder of the power of technology to connect people, even in challenging times, and the unwavering spirit of the cybersecurity community to overcome any obstacle in their path.

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