The entire team poses for a picture with the new CEO

All Hands 2023

Office event
All hands

All Hands 2023

The anticipation and excitement within the walls of Beagle Security were palpable as team members eagerly awaited the arrival of our new CEO, Ms. Smitha Murthy. This marked an important milestone for both the CEO and the employees, as it symbolized the dawn of a new era at the company. Ms. Murthy’s inaugural visit was intended to foster unity, engage with the team members, and set the stage for a shared vision of success.

From the moment Ms. Murthy stepped foot in the office, she radiated warmth and approachability. Her genuine interest in connecting with the team members was evident, making everyone feel valued and welcomed. By taking the time to engage in casual conversations and actively listen to their experiences, she immediately began building rapport and forging connections.

Our directors pose for a picture with the new CEO

She made it a priority to meet with teams individually, actively seeking insights into their roles, challenges, and aspirations. These intimate interactions allowed employees to connect with her on a personal level, share their perspectives, and seek guidance. By actively participating in these discussions, Ms. Murthy demonstrated her commitment to fostering a culture of open communication and inclusivity.

Ms. Murthy’s visit to Beagle Security was a transformative experience for the team members. This momentous day marked the beginning of an exciting journey, with Ms. Murthy and the team members working hand in hand to drive Beagle Security towards new heights of success, fueled by collaboration, innovation, and unwavering determination.

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