DomeCTF 2022

Deepraj R
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26 Sep 2022
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C0c0n completed 15 successful years in providing the opportunity to showcase, educate, understand, and spread awareness regarding the latest trends in cyber security. This year, the theme was “Connect. Collaborate. Contribute” and the fact that the event was conducted offline after 2 long years meant that it turned out to be a great excitement for everyone.

DomeCTF had been a highlight of C0c0n for the past 5 years—opening as an excellent venue for cyber security enthusiasts to refine their skills and passion in the field. We were focused on providing challenges that would be both demanding and interesting for the attendees.

The registration was open from the 20th of June 2022, and we got about 400+ team registrations in total. And the official Discord server was made available for everyone to provide assistance and to enable networking opportunities for all.

The 25-hour live CTF began at 11 AM on 23rd September 2022.

This year, the CTF contest took a new form - allowing the participants to attack a simulated real-like organization named Jedi Corp. Individual teams were provided with a unique registration token with gameplay instructions and information about the organization URL, flag submission and to unleash their true potential as in the black box testing method (Yep! Just that.)

The participants began the hunt as soon as they received the rules, and many felt challenged to find the solutions. Later, they began to gain a grasp of challenges and thereby began to capture the flags hidden within the challenges.

There were 19 challenges in total which contained challenges from Blockchain, IoT and Web3 technologies. When the game ended at 12 pm on 24th September, only 5 challenges remained unsolved.

Team Red Chillies comprising Adithya Suresh Kumar and Rohit Narayanan M scored 1850 points and won first place with one lakh INR prize money out of the 76 teams that participated in the final round.


Stay tuned for the write-ups of the challenges.

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