Top Black Friday and Cyber Monday SaaS Deals [2023]

Rugma S
Published on
19 Nov 2023
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Brace yourselves for the ultimate extravaganza as Black Friday descends upon us, bringing with it a tidal wave of unbeatable deals and jaw-dropping discounts.

To help you navigate through the sea of savings, we’ve curated a treasure trove of the Best Black Friday Deals of 2023 across various categories.

Keep an eye on this page so that you can grab the best deals this holiday season!


1. Beagle Security

Black Friday deal: 30% off all annual plans for the 1st year

Beagle Security is an automated AI penetration testing platform (DAST) that helps you identify vulnerabilities in your web applications, APIs & GraphQL endpoints and remediate them with actionable insights before hackers harm you in any manner.

Beagle Security allows you to transform your application security process by building automated workflows with your CI/CD tools, bug tracking tools and communication apps.

Deal validity period: 24th to 27th November

Use promo code: BFCM2023 

Developer Tools

1. LambdaTest

Black Friday deal: Flat 30% Off on LambdaTest Selected Annual Plans!

LambdaTest is an AI-powered test orchestration and test execution platform that allows companies to speed up their product releases while maintaining high quality, supporting their digital growth. This platform enables users to perform real-time and automation testing across 3,000 browsers, OS, and device combinations, making it a leading choice among cloud testing platforms.

Deal validity period: 30-Nov-23

Use promo code: BFCM30

2. Bugasura

Black Friday deal: Get flat 40% OFF on all the PRO features for 10 team members. Deal valid for 1 year.

Bugasura is a collaborative bug tracker that helps you report, track, assign, and track bugs to relevant stakeholders with simple automations and Artificial Intelligence.

Deal validity period: 24th Novemeber to 29th November

Use promo code: No promo code needed.

Marketing & Sales

1. Consolto

Black Friday deal: 90% off for the first 3 months OR 50% off yearly subscriptions for the 1st year

Consolto redefines the conferencing experience for customer meetings, merging the power of live chat, appointment scheduling, and video chat into one unified platform. Tailored exclusively for enriched customer interactions, imagine the best of Zoom, Calendly, and Intercom seamlessly. integrated into one transformative tool

Deal validity period: Until November 28th

Use promo code: BFCM2023M / BFCM2023YEAR


Black Friday deal: 50% off on annual plan is an all-in-one platform for cold email outreach and sales automation as well as a free sales CRM loved by small businesses for its versatile features such as email finding and verification, email drip campaigns building and tracking, email deliverability, and numerous integrations. All this powerful functionality is affordable for any business, even a startup.

Deal validity period: 20th November to 1st December

Use promo code: BLACKFRIDAY23


Black Friday deal: 75% off the first 4 months on any annual Reply plan + 25% off add-ons

Gear up for 2024 with Reply’s Holiday Offer. From finding the right prospects in our database to creating tailored emails and multichannel sequences with AI, Reply helps you create new opportunities at scale and grow your revenue.

Deal validity period: Until December 31

Use promo code: HOLIDAY2023

4. MailerLite

Black Friday deal: 33% off annual Advanced plan or 90% off 1st month Growing or Advanced plan

MailerLite is an intuitive email marketing solution featuring AI-driven content creation, a new drag & drop editor, and advanced automation. Engage more effectively with automation A/B testing, Canva integration, and comprehensive e-commerce functionalities.

Deal validity period: November 16th to December 7th

Use promo code: No promo code needed.


Black Friday deal: 30% off any app for 1 year, or 50% our top 4 best Black Friday sales apps

“POWR has an extensive app plugin library of over 60 profit-generating and customer support tools such as Form Builder, Popup, Live Chat, and Social Feed.

These plugins increase leads and conversions for any new site visitors, plus other apps that support your customers to build trust and keep a handle on customer retention.”

Deal validity period: 1st to 29th November

Use promo code: No promo code needed.

6. EngageBay

Black Friday deal: 40% off lifetime on all first-time purchases across all plans

EngageBay is a comprehensive platform for small to medium-sized businesses, offering marketing, sales, and customer support tools. It simplifies customer interaction management by combining email marketing, CRM, marketing automation, and helpdesk functionalities in one unified platform.

Deal validity period: 14th - 30th November

Use promo code: No promo code needed.


Black Friday deal: Pro Plan yearly at 30% off allows creators and brands to host videos and make marketing easy. It is a professional video hosting platform built on the core concept of facilitating the growth of businesses and creators by leveraging the power of videos.

Deal validity period: 5th November to 1st December

Use promo code: BLACKFRIDAY30

8. Narrato

Black Friday deal: 30% off for your first year on Narrato Workspace

Narrato is a revolutionary AI content creation and marketing platform that offers a wide array of AI and automation tools designed to streamline the content creation process. Unlike other AI content generation tools, Narrato is a comprehensive workspace where users can leverage AI and automation to generate ideas, create content, collaborate with others, and publish—all within a single platform. By using Narrato, content production can be expedited by nearly 5-10 times, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Deal validity period: 19th November to 3rd December

Use promo code: BFCM23NRT

9. NiceJob

Black Friday deal: 50% off your first two months for any subscription plan

NiceJob simplifies the process of garnering reviews, referrals, and sales, essentially putting your reputation marketing on autopilot.

Deal validity period: Till December 1st

Use promo code: No promo code needed.


Black Friday deal: 50% off all plans

Restream is an intuitive live streaming solution that helps you boost your views and enhance live video engagement without any extra hassle.

Deal validity period: 26th November

Use promo code: No promo code needed.

11. Checkbot

Black Friday deal: 50% off the first year on yearly plans

Checkbot for Chrome tests 100s of pages at a time for SEO, speed and security problems like broken links, duplicate content, invalid HTML/CSS/JavaScript, insecure pages, redirect chains and more. Test unlimited sites as often as you want including local development sites to find critical issues before your users do.

Deal validity period: 16th November to 1st December

Use promo code: “NOV23”

12. WPLoyalty

Black Friday deal: Flat 30% Offer

Harness the power of our WooCommerce Referral Program to increase customer loyalty. Encourage referrals and expand your customer network.

Deal validity period: 1st November to 5th December

Use promo code: BFCM30

13. Weblium

Black Friday deal: 30% on annual Pro subscription.

Weblium is a website builder to turn your ideas and conceptions into a ready-to-use functional site. With the assistance of our builder, you can create different types of websites and edit them at any time, adding more content.

Deal validity period: November 21 to November 30

Use promo code: No promo code needed.

14. Jotform

Black Friday deal: 50% off Jotform annual plan upgrades

Jotform is an all-around automation solution that allows users to quickly build forms and automated workflows without any coding knowledge. It offers a rich library of well-designed templates and a variety of features, from creating surveys to custom apps and more.

Deal validity period: 13th to 27th November

Use promo code: No promo code needed.

15. Stripo

Black Friday deal: 50% OFF Medium and Pro annual plans

Stripo is an all-in-one email design platform for building emails of any complexity really fast. Integrated with 80 ESPs/CRMs, which lets you push your emails to your marketing automation system with just one click. A number of embedded micro-tools give everything you need for emails, from photo editors to banner generators, from timers to interactivity and real-time content.

Deal validity period: 23rd to 28h November

Use promo code: BFSTRIPOxRnlCg


Black Friday deal: 50% off on all plans for 6 months script allows you to keep visitors on your website & blog with live link previews. automatically extracts & shows linked content, e.g. videos, presentations, articles, blog posts & 1000+ web embeds within your website.

Deal validity period: 24th to 29th November

Use promo code: BLACKCYBER2023

17. Booknetic

Black Friday deal: 50% of on Booknetic and additional 30% off on add-ons

“Bookentic is a fully customizable appointment booking plugin. You can use Booknetic to automate your appointments and save on manual booking costs.

With Booknetic, your customers can see what time you are available, choose the most suitable time for themselves and even pay a deposit to secure the booking.”

Deal validity period: 20th to 2nd of December

Use promo code: No promo code needed.

18. FS Poster

Black Friday deal: 30% off

FS Poster is an automatic social media scheduler plugin based on WordPress. People can upload their images, customize it accordingly and share it across 20+ social media platforms. It is also possible to see how your posts performed with its analytics section.

Deal validity period: 20th of November to 3rd of December

Use promo code: No promo code needed.


Black Friday deal: 50% Off

VYPER lets you to create giveaways, contests, referral, and loyalty programs that will encourage people to engage with your brand. You can create stunning campaigns and landing pages that use gamification to generate leads and customers.

Deal validity period: 01st - 30th November

Use promo code: No code required. Visit the deal link to redeem offer

20. Seodity

Black Friday deal: Lifetime 50% discount on every plan.

Seodity is an all-in-one SEO tool designed to enhance online visibility

Deal validity period: Until 1st December

Use promo code: BLACKFRIDAY2023

21. Sender - Email and Sms marketing platform

Black Friday deal: 20% off for all paid plans

Sender is an email and text marketing software that helps you effortlessly create email campaigns, even if you’re a beginner. With its segmentation feature, you can create different audiences and target customers with emails tailored to their behavior and preferences. You can create these emails in minutes, thanks to its drag-and-drop email builder and responsive templates.

Deal validity period: Until 27th of November

Use promo code: PARTNER20

22. Planly

Black Friday deal: 50% OFF for the first month subscription and 30% OFF for annual subscription

Planly is an all-in-one social media management tool, thanks to which you can easily manage your social media profiles across 7 platforms: Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Mastodon. It streamlines social media management with multi-platform scheduling, AI-generated captions, hashtag recommendations, optimal posting times, in-depth analytics, for digital portfolios, and seamless Unsplash, Dropbox, and Google Drive integrations.

Deal validity period: 20th to 30th November

Use promo code: No promo code needed.

23. Flycart

Black Friday deal: 30%OFF

Flycart is providing Black Friday deals on 3 of its products:

Discount Rules for WooCommerce: Dynamic pricing and discounts plugin that helps you create simple and complex discounts.

Email Customizer for WooCommerce: Email marketing plugin to customize and create beautiful branded emails.

Upsells for WooCommerce: All-in-one Upsell plugin with unlimited features to boost your Upsell Marketing Strategy.

Deal validity period: November 1st to December 5th

Use promo code: BFCM30

24. Retainful

Black Friday deal: Flat 30% off on all Premium Plans

Retainful is an all-encompassing email marketing automation platform, empowering Woocommerce and Shopify stores to boost sales through features like abandoned cart recovery, automated emails with dynamic coupons, and a flexible drag-and-drop editor.

Deal validity period: 8th November - 5th December

Use promo code: BFCM2023

25. Surfer

Black Friday deal:

Monthly plans: 10% off for 6 months

Annual plans: 30% off for the first year

Surfer builds SEO tools that help marketers and business owners plan, create, and optimize long form search engine content to drive organic traffic to their websites. Unlike other SEO tools that rely on users having up-to-date SEO knowledge, our tools are the experts. So whether you’re a novice or an SEO guru, Surfer leverages AI to help you conduct SEO tasks with the click of a few buttons.

Deal validity period: 24th November to 8th December

Use promo code: No promo code needed.


1. Uxcel

Black Friday deal: 50% Lifetime Discount on Annual Plans and $75 OFF for Professional Certification

Learn UX design at your own pace with guided, bite-sized education that’s effective and fun. Used by 250K+ designers around the world.

Deal validity period: 24th to 28th November

Use promo code: No promo code needed.

2. SVGator

Black Friday deal: 30% off for the Annual Pro plan subscription

SVGator is an online SVG animation software that lets users create animations without any coding skills. The keyframe-based, friendly interface includes advanced animators like Morph, Filter, Color, Translate, Stroke, etc. It also supports custom easing functions, snapping, and interactivity.

Deal validity period: 20th to 26th November

Use promo code: No promo code needed.


1. Payfunnels

Black Friday deal: 60 % OFF

Payfunnels is a digital invoicing and payment system that helps you receive payments online on a weekly, biweekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Payfunnels is a simple, user-friendly, and amazing platform for non-technical start-ups or established service providers like digital Marketers, fitness coaches, business consultants, online tutors, business coaches, freelancers, and others. We give flexibility of one-time, subscription, payment plan, customer scheduled billing, and more…

Deal validity period: 15 days

Use promo code: No promo code needed.


1. FounderPass

Black Friday deal: 25% off for life

FounderPass gives founders access to over $1 million of discounts and perks on software, tools and business services from 100’s of companies.

Deal validity period: 23rd to 25th November

Use promo code: BF25LIFE

2. ActiveCollab

Black Friday deal: 25% off for new users or upgrade your current plan at a 25% discount

Organize your teams and projects so you can always deliver exceptional results on time! Use the time tracker to record accurate timesheets that you’ll be able to charge later. Communication, client collaboration, and profitability analysis are all combined in the same tool, ActiveCollab!

Deal validity period: 24th to 27th November

Use promo code: No promo code needed.

3. 5centsCDN

Black Friday deal:

Deal A
Get $300 Extra by adding $1000 to your wallet! Each customer can redeem this deal up to 5 times.

Deal B
Get $100 Extra by adding $500 to your wallet! Each customer can redeem this deal up to 2 times.

5centsCDN is a leading Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider known for its affordable and efficient content delivery solutions. They ensure lightning-fast and reliable content distribution with the help of a global network of strategically positioned Points of Presence (PoPs). Whether you’re in E-commerce, Media & Entertainment, IT & Technology, Financial Services, SaaS, or Gaming, 5centsCDN has the perfect solution for you. This Black Friday, they have brought the best black friday deal for you.

Deal validity period: 17th to 30th November

Use promo code: No promo code needed.

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The data in this article is entirely based on the details received from each SaaS product.

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