Test For Checking File Uploads

Rejah Rehim
Published on
02 Jul 2018

The files uploaded to the server present a huge risk. Thus arises the need to check the files uploaded to the server. Almost every intrution attack starts with a milicious file upload to the server. There are many server where the PHP file upload is turned on. This leads to unrestricted files to upload to the server. This vulnerability may cause attacks like denial of service, code injection.


The impact include:-

  • Denial of service attack
  • Code injection
  • Server-side attacks
  • Client-side attacks

Mitigation / Precaution

This vulnerability can be fixed by:-

  • Restricting file types accepted for upload.
  • Checking the file extension.
  • Using the whitelist approach.
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Written by
Rejah Rehim
Rejah Rehim
Co-founder, Director
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