Farness Write-up


The Chinese server was hacked with advanced AI techniques. Interpol investigated and concluded that the attack was from Russia.

Chinese General GenSim asked the people not to panic. The last word to Vector(Chief Secretary of the cyber wing) by the general in a meeting was to “find the criminal from positions 4645, 742, 2129, and 591”


The challenge contains 3 text files and a python file.


This challenge is NLP-related, and it is required to find the elements at the positions mentioned in the story.

The first step is to find out which type of model has to be used. On having a closer look at the story, we can see that they have given some keyword hints such as “Gensim” and “Word to Vector”.

Here, we train a word to vector model in Gensim and get the vocab list of the model. Also, ensure that you have applied basic preprocessing steps before training the model.


This will give the words for the index values.


Run the python file with python flag.py and enter the respective keywords as shown below and this will give you the flag.


Nasim Sulaiman
AI Engineer

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