Hike to the Top Writeup


Travelix has a very unique hiking expedition and it is described as being one of the best in the world. Find it from their website.


Travelix is a simple travel website. When we look at the whole page, they all are simple HTML pages, and there are no API calls.

So there is something else on that website. Just check the sitemap file of the website.

Yeah, you got that, it is a gpx file.ere.


You can find that there are 32 places denoted as latitude and longitude. Just search these latitude and longitudes on Google and find the places and note down all the countries.

At last you will get 32 countries. This is the clue and you already know that domectf flag is domectf{<32 characters>}.

So take the first letter of every country, and make the flag. They must be in uppercase.

Hurray! You’ve got the flag.

Ananthu S
Product Engineer

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