Beagle Security is Ready: Web Application Security Testing Solution

Published on
02 Oct 2019
3 min read

The internet is ever-evolving and providing us with innumerable opportunities to do business and grow in innovative ways. But, the advancement in technology has also led to a rise in the number of cybercrimes. Securing your data is crucial at this present age, and it continues to gain more significance.

Data breaches and cybercrimes are affecting businesses of all sizes in every industry.

The question is, are you keeping up with the demands of an ever-shifting risk landscape?

We’ve seen a lot of big companies affected by data breaches. But, what often goes unnoticed is the number of small-to-medium businesses that get exploited. According to recent statistics, 60% of SMBs that experienced a major cybercrime go out of business shortly after.

Businesses need to stay ahead and prevent cyber-attacks rather than responding after an attack has happened. Thus, they need a cost-effective solution to protect their data and ensure security.

And that is the purpose Beagle Security was built to fulfil. A practical web application security testing solution that caters to the needs of small-to-medium businesses.

So, what’s in store?

Beagle Security is a web application security testing solution that automatically scans your application to identify open threats. Your web application will undergo several penetration testing procedures to understand how deep it can be hacked. You are then provided with an easily understandable report that contains the proper mitigation techniques to fix the open vulnerabilities in your application.

The website is inspected against a large number of custom test cases, including the OWASP and SANS security standards to give you an idea of your web application’s security level.

You can also integrate Beagle into your development pipeline using the DevSecOps CI plugins to automate vulnerability checks. The vulnerability reports can then be accessed on popular apps like Slack, Jira, etc.

Let’s take a look at all the amazing features that make Beagle the right choice for your business.

Artificial intelligence functionalities

One of the main problems of many penetration test reports is the sheer number of false positives in it. A specific vulnerability might be reported but in fact, it isn’t there. Thus, a considerable amount of time is wasted.

Beagle’s artificial intelligence capabilities report all the false positives correctly so that you can save your valuable time. The patterns and behaviours of all the test scenarios are continually recorded to improve upon the accuracy.

Recurring and concurrent tests

Never worry about missing out on security testing your applications. With Beagle, you can schedule your tests on a weekly or monthly basis so that your application is tested regularly and are up to date with the latest cyber threats. The Scheduler option in Application Settings enables you to set the day and time to initiate a test automatically.

You also have the option to run multiple tests at the same time. The ability to run concurrent tests allows you to test various web applications simultaneously without worrying about wasting time.

Result integration

Beagle integrates seamlessly with popular apps such as Slack, Jira, Telegram and Trello to receive the test results directly on the app of your choice. Email integration is available by default. The convenience of receiving the test results on your preferred app allows you to function effortlessly. You don’t have to check your Beagle Security account every time.

DevSecOps CI plugins

Automate security checks by integrating Beagle into your development workflow. Automating security in your approach allows you to bring the best out of your DevOps initiatives. The vulnerabilities report can then be uploaded to your preferred app.

Beagle Security’s continuous integration at every stage means security is built into the app development from end to end.

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