Vulnerable Javascript Library

Published on
08 Jun 2021
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Popular Javascript libraries include jQuery, Angular, Vue, and React. A JavaScript library that is missing security patches can make your website extremely vulnerable to various attacks.

Third-party JavaScript libraries can draw a variety of DOM-based vulnerabilities, including DOM-XSS, which can be exploited to hijack user accounts.

Popular JavaScript libraries typically have the advantage of being heavily audited. This also means that the flaws are quickly recognized and patched, resulting in a steady stream of security updates.

Using a library with missing security patches can make your website exceptionally easy to abuse, making it crucial to ensure that any available security updates are to be applied immediately.

Impact of Vulnerable Javascript Library

  • JavaScript library’s security vulnerabilities can be exploited to perform cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, and buffer overflow.

How to Prevent Vulnerable Javascript Library

  • As part of patch management, implement version management for JavaScript libraries.

  • Remove libraries that are no longer in use to reduce your attack surface.

  • Frequently check for patches and upgrade JavaScript libraries to the latest version.

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