SQL Injection (Hypersonic SQL)

Anandhu Krishnan
Published on
13 May 2024


SQL Injection in Hypersonic SQL occurs when an attacker exploits vulnerabilities in the SQL queries of applications using the Hypersonic SQL database. By injecting malicious SQL code into the query, attackers can bypass authentication, access or manipulate database data, and potentially execute arbitrary commands on the database server. This can lead to data breaches, loss of data integrity, and security compromise.


To prevent SQL Injection, avoid trusting client-side input and validate all data on the server side. Use PreparedStatements in JDBC and parameterized queries in ASP. Prefer Stored Procedures and avoid dynamic SQL concatenation. Escape client-supplied data and apply strict whitelisting or blacklisting. Use the principle of least privilege, avoiding high-privilege users like ‘sa’, and grant only necessary database permissions. This reduces, but does not eliminate, SQL Injection risks.

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Anandhu Krishnan
Anandhu Krishnan
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