SOAP Action Header Spoofing

Anandhu Krishnan
Published on
14 May 2024


SOAP Action Spoofing is a vulnerability that occurs when an attacker forges the SOAPAction header in a SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) message. SOAP messages are used for exchanging structured information in web services. If the SOAPAction header is not properly validated, an attacker can manipulate it to redirect the message to unintended endpoints or invoke unauthorized operations on the web service. This can lead to unauthorized access, data leakage, or manipulation of service functionality, potentially compromising the security and integrity of the web service.


To mitigate this vulnerability, ensure that only required SOAP operations are permitted and implement input validation to prevent unexpected SOAP actions. If necessary, validate the SOAPAction attribute against expected values before processing.

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Written by
Anandhu Krishnan
Anandhu Krishnan
Lead Engineer
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