F5 BIG-IP iControl REST unauthenticated RCE

Manieendar Mohan
Published on
16 Jun 2021

BIG-IP is a software and hardware family from F5 Networks that focus on application availability, access control, and security.BIG-IP is configured and managed using a Web services-enabled open API known as iControl. Using the BIG-IP management interface and self IP addresses, attackers can exploit the iControl REST interface that leads to remote code execution. Then the attacker has the ability to make random system calls, create and delete files, and turn off services. The control plane is the only way to exploit this vulnerability; the data plane is not vulnerable. The BIG-IP system in Appliance mode is also an entry point for an attacker. This may cause complete system compromise.

Mitigation / Precaution

  • In order to patch this vulnerability, please install the official patch F5 BIG-IP made available for supported, vulnerable instances.
  • As a temporary solution, restrict iControl REST access via the self IP address or the management interface.
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Written by
Manieendar Mohan
Manieendar Mohan
Cyber Security Lead Engineer
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