EYou E-Mail system RCE

Manieendar Mohan
Published on
16 Jun 2021

Eyou Mail System is an e-mail system of China’s eYou company. The ‘get_login_ip_config_file’ function in Eyou Mail System versions prior to 3.6 has a security vulnerability. A remote attacker can use this vulnerability to execute arbitrary commands by sending the ‘domain’ parameter with shell metacharacters to the admin/domain/ip_login_set/d_ip_login_get.php file.

Mitigation / Precaution

The vulnerability has been patched by Eyou Mail System. We recommend you to check out the official site(http://www.eyou.com/) and upgrade the eYou E-Mail system to the latest version.

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Written by
Manieendar Mohan
Manieendar Mohan
Cyber Security Lead Engineer
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