Directory traversal vulnerability in SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java 7.5

Nash N Sulthan
Published on
01 Oct 2021

SAP NetWeaver is a core component of the SAP software stack that serves as a foundation for other SAP components as well as JAVA and ABAP applications. Remote attackers can access arbitrary files through a (..)dot dot in the query string due to a directory traversal vulnerability in scheduler/ui/js/ffffffffbca41eb4/UIUtilJavaScriptJS in SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java 7.5.

Mitigation / Precaution

It is possible to mitigate the weakness using a firewall. If you are using SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java 7.5, You should update to the latest version.

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Written by
Nash N Sulthan
Nash N Sulthan
Cyber Security Lead Engineer
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