Bullwark Momentum Series JAWS 1.0 - Directory Traversal

Anandhu Krishnan
Published on
01 Oct 2021

Directory traversal (sometimes called file path traversal) is a web security flaw that allows an attacker to access arbitrary files on a server that is hosting an application. This could comprise application code and data, back-end system credentials, and critical operating system files, among other things.Bullwark Momentum Series JAWS version 1.0 suffers from a directory traversal vulnerability

Mitigation / Precaution

Before processing user input, the application should validate it. The validation should, ideally, verify against a whitelist of acceptable values. If this isn’t possible for the needed functionality, the validation should check that the input only contains allowed material, such as entirely alphanumeric characters.

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Written by
Anandhu Krishnan
Anandhu Krishnan
Lead Engineer
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