Apache Tomcat JK Status Manager Access

Febna V M
Published on
10 Jan 2022


In Apache Tomcat JK (mod_jk) Connector 1.2.0 to 1.2.44, the Apache Web Server (httpd) specific code that normalised the requested path before matching it to the URI-worker map did not handle some edge cases correctly. It was possible for a specially constructed request to expose application functionality through the reverse proxy that was not intended for clients accessing the application via the reverse proxy if only a subset of the URLs supported by Tomcat were exposed via httpd. A specially constructed request could also bypass the access controls configured in httpd in some configurations.


  • Patch is available for mod_jk (version 1.2.46).

  • Update to the latest version

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Written by
Febna V M
Febna V M
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