Apache OFBiz XML-RPC Java Deserialization

Rejah Rehim
Published on
10 Jan 2022


At /webtools/control/xmlrpc, OfBiz exposes an XMLRPC endpoint. Because authentication is applied per-service, this is an unauthenticated endpoint. The XMLRPC request, on the other hand, is processed before authentication. Because any serialised arguments for the remote invocation are deserialized as part of this processing, an attacker will be able to run arbitrary system commands on any OfBiz server with the same privileges as the servlet container running OfBiz if the classpath contains any classes that can be used as gadgets to achieve remote code execution.


  • Update Apache OFBiz to the latest version
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Written by
Rejah Rehim
Rejah Rehim
Co-founder, Director
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