Apache mod_perl Status Page Exposure

Nash N Sulthan
Published on
20 Dec 2021


Information disclosed from this page can be used to gain additional information about the target system. An attacker can gather reconnaissance information about the internals of the target web server, such as:

  • Server uptime

  • Individual request-response statistics and CPU usage of the working processes

  • Current HTTP requests, client IP addresses, requested paths, and processed virtual hosts

This type of information can help the attacker gain a greater understanding of the system in use and the other potential avenues of attack available.

Mitigation measures

Disable this functionality. Comment out the Location/server-info section from Apache configuration file httpd.conf (for Redhat, Centos, Fedora) or apache2.conf (for Debian, Ubuntu).

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Written by
Nash N Sulthan
Nash N Sulthan
Cyber Security Lead Engineer
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