Apache Druid RCE

Nash N Sulthan
Published on
16 Jun 2021

Apache Druid supports the execution of user-supplied JavaScript code embedded in a variety of requests.This feature is disabled by default and is intended for use in high-trust environments. An authenticated user may send a request in Druid 0.20.0 and earlier that forces Druid to run user-side JavaScript code.This can be used to run code with the privileges of the Druid server process on the target computer by the attacker.


High amount of information disclosure,resulting in the disclosure of all device data.The credibility of the system has been completely compromised.The entire system is compromised as a result of a total lack of system security.The affected resource has been fully shut down.The intruder has the ability to make the resource entirely unusable.

Mitigation / Precaution

  • In order to patch this vulnerability, please install the official patch Apache Druid made available for supported, vulnerable instances.
  • Increase the real-time observability of the behavior of every single third-party script
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Written by
Nash N Sulthan
Nash N Sulthan
Cyber Security Lead Engineer
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