Advanced SQL Injection Vulnerability

Anandhu Krishnan
Published on
14 May 2024


Advanced SQL Injection involves exploiting more complex SQL injection techniques to bypass security measures and manipulate database queries. This can include leveraging out-of-band channels, using time-based blind SQL injection, or combining multiple vulnerabilities to exfiltrate data, execute commands, or escalate privileges. Advanced techniques often bypass traditional defenses, requiring in-depth understanding of the database and application logic.


Implement server-side data validation and always treat user input as untrusted. For JDBC-based applications, utilize PreparedStatement or CallableStatement with parameters passed via ‘?’ placeholders. In ASP environments, employ ADO Command Objects with strong type checking and parameterized queries. If database Stored Procedures are feasible, leverage them instead of concatenating strings into queries or using dynamic SQL creation. Ensure that all user input is properly escaped, applying an ‘allow list’ of permitted characters or a ‘deny list’ of prohibited characters. Adopt the principle of least privilege by employing the most restrictive database user possible.

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Anandhu Krishnan
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