Beagle Security is now a CERT-In Empaneled Information Security Audit Provider

Rejah Rehim
Published on
29 Sep 2022
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Beagle Security (Beagle Cyber Innovations Pvt. Ltd.) is now a CERT-In empaneled Information Security Audit Provider. This certification allows the company to provide security audit and advisory services to the Indian government, semi-government, and public sector organizations through its cyber security services wing – Beagle Next. Beagle Security is one of the youngest companies to be CERT-In empaneled.

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) is part of the Government of India’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. It is a nodal agency in charge of dealing with cyber security concerns such as hacking and phishing.

It increases the Indian Internet domain’s security defenses. CERT-In has used a demanding approach to examine participants in its effort to develop a competent panel of Security Auditing organizations. This is to ensure that the participating businesses have the technical knowledge and ability to conduct an information security audit.

Empanelment for CERT-In is a difficult process that includes several steps such as providing information, methodology, case studies, skills, and profiles.

Participants must also pass a two-stage qualifying test, both offline and online, to assess applications in both the offline and web environments - identifying, exploiting, and reporting vulnerabilities are also part of the selection process.

To be deemed effective, you must identify at least 90% of the vulnerabilities on the web server. A team of security specialists will analyze the report before awarding the empanelment.

Who needs the CERT-In Certification?

CERT-In certification is one of the most effective methods of attesting the security of Indian organizations. The following organizations stand to benefit the most from a CERT-In certification:

  • Companies or those who use the software as mandated by:

    RBI – Cybersecurity Framework for Banks

    RBI – Cybersecurity Framework for Urban Cooperative Banks

    RBI Guidelines for Cybersecurity in the NBFC sector

  • Online payments providers – Companies and software that come under RBI Guidelines for Payment Aggregators and Payment Gateways

  • Companies who conduct business related to software, hardware, or services with the Government of India

  • Companies and related software that fall under the rulebook of SEBI Cybersecurity and Cyber Resilience Framework

  • Companies that host applications or portals online using the National Informatics Center (NIC)

  • Companies or those using software that should follow the mandate of the UIDAI – AUA KUA Compliance

  • If you’re selling, providing licenses, or just deploying relevant software and services for organizations that need ISNP Security Audit (under the IRDA mandate).

Role of Beagle Security in helping you be CERT-In certified

Beagle Security is a leading cyber security company with a customer base ranging from rising tech startups to large enterprises across the globe. Beagle Security’s mission is to empower businesses to proactively tackle cyber threats and make the internet a safer place.

Beagle Security also provides cyber security services including penetration testing and DevSecOps enablement with a strong focus on guiding companies to develop products having a solid security foundation. Clients include companies in banking and financial services, manufacturing, insurance, law enforcement, healthcare, education, retail, and technology sector.

With a passionate team and the use of emerging technology, Beagle Security aims to create a suite of cyber security products and services that drive value for companies and help them in strengthening their systems from evolving threats in an ever-changing world.

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