Web based mail package

Manieendar Mohan
Published on
19 Jun 2018

Web-based email (or Webmail) is an email client which is implemented in a web application. This mail service can be used through the web server. Many webmail providers also provide email access using a desktop email client. These clients are usually configured using standard email protocols, but there are many internet service providers that provide a webmail client as part of the email service included in the internet service package.

This mail package is in use and this type sends information through the URL. The content of the mail can be extracted from the URL.


The impact includes data breach. The attacker can extract information through the web server.

Mitigation / Precaution

Beagle recommends the following fixes:-

  • Make sure that does not reveal mail package details
  • It is best recommended to hide the URL and other details about webmail.
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Manieendar Mohan
Manieendar Mohan
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